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Why you should be using Conote

Inject context into your notes

Gain greater clarity of expression through added context.

Putting your notes directly on top of the text you're discussing makes everything easier to understand, faster to convey meaning and less prone to miscommunication.

Kick off a better discussion or save your thoughts for later

Conote is designed to promote improved sharing of ideas online, it doesn't matter if that's with your colleagues or yourself in 6 months time.

By default all links you create are publicly available as we want to encourage productive discussion online. If you just want to save your notes for yourself then simply change the audience settings on the link.

Comment directly on live sites and PDFs

Commenting on the page is like writing in the margins of a book. Pinpoint exactly what your comment refers to with added context.

Over time your dashboard will resemble a well stocked library complete with your thoughts and perhaps shared discussions with others.

Built with interesting debate in mind

Everything we do is designed to make sharing of ideas online better.

Injecting context into the discussion is a great start but it's also important to have a diverse range of opinions available. Having all links public by default means anyone can join in the conversation if they see a topic of interest.

Ad free for everyone

No ads, no misaligned incentives.

Avoiding adverts is important to us. We are keen to keep our incentives aligned with yours. The better Conote is the more likely you'll stick around, no need to use any nefarious tricks the big social media companies use to hook you enough to sell your eyeballs!

Anti clickbait always

Clickbait doesn't satisfy

We want you to enjoy the discussions you have here and feel good about using Conote.

Public discussions are currently set to a chronological feed and will stay that way. We are keen to avoid personalised recommendations as they create filter bubbles with all sorts of negative side effects.

In the future we are planning a popularity based system for the public feed but it will always be optional and the same for everyone.

What our users are saying

a picture of Alex H

Alex H

Strategy and innovation - Accenture

Conote has made it so much easier to collaborate with my team when discussing how market trends affect our clients. It has really helped us especially now that many are working from home.

A picture of Nilou E

Nilou E

Research Assistant

I've been using an early version of Conote for a while now to contextualise my thoughts, it's basically a digital version of what I'd be doing with printed pages. I can share my research with my colleagues and it instantly creates a more nuanced discussion when reading and sharing policy papers.

A picture of Charlie T

Charlie T

Founder - Babble & Hemp

I didn't know I needed it until Max convinced me to try it!

Sharing hemp related content with my audience has improved engagement and I can direct customers to my product pages right from an article! Win win!

Frequently asked questions

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Mission statement

I am building Conote because I want a tool that let's me take notes on everything I read. With conventional methods context is lost as the notes are separated from whatever I'm reading. I soon realised that it would be incredibly powerful to share my thoughts with others and enable a discourse to provoke greater learning from whatever I'm reading.

Having spent some time in the comments sections of various news websites I realised the inherent downsides of a conventional comment section, namely that comments are mostly directed at the article as a whole (or occasionally the author...) without much nuance. Either you agree with an article or disagree. With Conote I want to make it easy for people to have more nuanced discussions, giving them the ability to pinpoint exactly which parts of an argument they agree or disagree with.

I hope that this mission provides some tangible good to my users and because of this I want my incentives to align precisely with users and no one else. For this reason I will not be advertising on Conote, nor will I be raising funding from outside investors if I can help it. By avoiding these external influences I can focus on what matters most, making Conote the best it can be for users :)

Max - Founder of Conote portrait picture of the founder, Max, outside in a park

What's in a name?


verb[T] • formal - /kəˈnəʊt/ - Imply or suggest (an idea or feeling) in addition to the literal or primary meaning.


verb[T] • formal - /kəʊˈnəʊt/ - To annotate a page to provide greater meaning