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The antidote to low quality debate. Inject nuance into conversations online.

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Highlight exactly what you're thinking about

Narrow the conversational scope, improve the depth.

Comment sections across the internet are littered with misunderstanding, ill thought out arguments and trolling. What's the fix? Context!

All comments made using Conote must highlight a specific chunk of text on a website. By highlighting specifics it narrows down the context of the conversation to only that sentence or paragraph and everything is clearer for it.

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Everyone on the same page - literally

Unlike other annotation tools Conote requires no installation so you can share your thoughts with anyone instantly. They see the exact same page as you. No faffing around installing extensions or downloading software!

Conversation benefits from a broad and diverse participation so don't add barriers to entry.

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Save your thoughts for later

All your notes are saved to your dashboard. Quickly find any discussion you were having or simply save your ideas to peruse later.

Researching for a paper? Save your thoughts as you come across interesting sources and make citing a breeze when it comes to it.

What our users are saying

a picture of Alex H

Alex H

Strategy and innovation - Accenture

Conote has made it so much easier to collaborate with my team when discussing how market trends affect our clients. It has really helped us especially now that many are working from home.

A picture of Nilou E

Nilou E

Research Assistant

I've been using an early version of Conote for a while now to contextualise my thoughts, it's basically a digital version of what I'd be doing with printed pages. I can share my research with my colleagues and it instantly creates a more nuanced discussion when reading and sharing policy papers.

A picture of Charlie T

Charlie T

Founder - Babble & Hemp

I didn't know I needed it until Max convinced me to try it!

Sharing hemp related content with my audience has improved engagement and I can direct customers to my product pages right from an article! Win win!

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Founder's note

I am building Conote in an attempt to improve the quality of discussion online. The internet is such a powerful tool for communication and collaboration and yet social media is doing more to divide us than to connect us. It's time for change.

Conote is designed to be a platform where people can come to engage in interesting debates without an algorithm telling us what to do and likes encouraging polemical commentary. Every mechanism on the site is designed to foster constructive commentary. Context is treated as a first class citizen!

The best part is you can use Conote with your existing social audience. Simply share a link. Engage with anyone in a new way around the content that interests you.

My mission is to enable people to see and share a more nuanced view of the world. People who view the world this way are more easily able to focus on what connects us rather than the differences between us. The more connected we are the more likely we are to overcome the challenges that face humanity right now.

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